Digitizing the restaurant experience
for all to enjoy.


Cross Browser

Works across any browser capable device.

latest desktop and mobile browsers.


Access online & off.

Our solution works offline and syncs the next time a connection is detected. This mean it never goes down.

Content Management System

Updating your menus made easy.

Our Content Management System
seamlessly integrates with your content
using our edit-in-place interface.

Menu Hardware

Easy to implement high-definition platform.

Our platform is built to run off of
Computers and Mini Tv’s for a
seamless plug and play experience.


A cost-effective alternative to traditional menu displays.

Our customers experience
immediate growth from
increased exposure and legibility.


Easily distribute your menus to multiple locations.

Management of your menus
is easily distributed across
our fault tolerant cloud.

What is Hatchware?

Hatchware is the brainchild of We Are Charette, a multidisciplinary design firm with clients worldwide specializing in identity, web, and packaging design.

Our Vision

The future of technology is forever moving forward. We are re-imaging the way businesses and consumers interact by hatching new ideas for your business, home, and environment.

Our Team

The team consists of 3 members.
Jeffrey Charette - Developer & Principle
Emily Charette - Designer & Principle
John Taylor - Designer

Contact Us

Find out when we launch!

Feel free to send us any questions, concerns, or encouraging words about our service here or get in touch with us on twitter.

If you are interested in purchasing our service send us an email.

If you would like to develop for the Hatchware platform send an email to info@hatchware.com